The Silent Journey & Discovery ® is an adult education workshop that provides current Montessori parents and grandparents with a first- hand experience of the Montessori education process. 


Led by a certified Journey Guide and team of experienced Montessori educators, participants travel through prepared classrooms and experience the full essence of each environment.  A specially developed itinerary of observation, engagement and conversation provides a complete and meaningful experience.


Like any grand Journey, there is a great deal of “behind the scenes” action that makes it an unforgettable experience.  Decades of experience and preparations are now available to Montessori communities worldwide through our licensing and advising services.


Discover where this Journey can lead you  -  take a single step.



Hear what others have said:


"After that weekend, I could better understand why the process was more important than the product.  I could truly feel the need for larger blocks of time so that I could actually delve into a subject in which I was interested and find deeper levels of focus."  -  Montessori Dad - The Westwood School, Dallas, Texas



"I would tell any school to begin offering this experience.  You will strengthen the partnership with your school's parents and re-invigorate your staff.  Each part of The Silent Journey & Discovery helps your community bond more closely." -   Pam Butler, Founder  The Westwood School, Dallas, Texas



"This is the best activity for a parent to understand what learning is like for a child in a Montessori classroom.  They can know lots about the philosophy and methodology, but it's not until they are engaged with the materials and activities when they can fully appreciate the depth of this wonderful learning approach."  Bill Conway, Principal - Montessori East NSW Australia

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